Asphalt Laying, Patching, and Repair Services In Indiana

asphalt contractor Columbus IndianaJ & D Services provides all facets of asphalt repair for commercial, municipal, & residential customers. Asphalt, when it is broke or degrading, can cause a variety of hazards for your customers. From large potholes to trip hazards, it is essential to get the asphalt repaired as soon as possible. From small pothole repairs, street patches to parking lot overlays we have you covered!

We specialize in asphalt repairs for commercial, municipal & residential.  Areas needing repaired can be milled and overlayed or in some cases we provide base repairs as well.

Milling & overlay:

Damaged areas can be milled up to a 6” depth to remove damaged asphalt.  We then apply tack coat to allow proper adhesion for new asphalt surface. Hot mix asphalt is then installed and rolled to compaction. All repair joints are filled with hot tar crack filler.

Base repair & new asphalt:

Damaged areas are saw cut, asphalt and stone base is removed down to dirt and disposed of offsite.  New 6” base is install of #53 stone compacted to create stable base. New hot mix asphalt base is installed and rolled to compaction, followed by topcoat of hot mix surface rolled to compaction. All repair joints are filled with hot tar crack filler.

Traffic control & jobsite safety:

We provide our own traffic control via barrels & signage.  We also provide all lane closures as well on municipal jobs. Commercial jobs will have the work area blocked off via construction barrels.


All employees are highly trained, drug tested and have PPE (vests, hard hats, steel toes, etc..)

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